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Rishtay Kuch Adhoray Se Episode 15 On HUM TV

Rishtay Kuch Adhoray Se Episode 15 Pakistani Desi Drama Serial Online On HUM TV
Rishtai Kuch Adhoorai Sai” is often a serial based on the tradition adoring category of Abdul Mannan and Jahan Ara, exactly where women tend to be limited simply by limits instead of granted any kind of overall flexibility. Giti, a family member ignores the actual cultures and ideals connected with the girl loved ones and sparks on her quest to turn into a singer. At the same time, Giti’s marriage is fixed using the son of the wealthy person. Unfortunately the girl Nikkah comes on the same evening that she requires being on air for a program. Giti feels that she will be able to appear back in in the program in time on her Nikkah but as a result of many reasons, it isn't doable and the girl mother is forced to consdier the Giti’s sister on her location. What will the long run maintain waiting for you for Giti? Will probably almost all hell separate reduce any time the fact remains unfolded? To find out, enjoy “Rishtai Kuch Adhoorai Sai” every Wednesday with 8 pm
 Direction:Farooq Rind
Written:Nadia Akhter
Produced Momina Duraid
Cast:Ali Rehman,Yumna Zaidi,Irsa Ghazal,Sohai Abro,Mehmood Aslam,Jahanzaib

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