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Dil e Muzter Episode 21 On Hum TV

Dil e Muzter Episode 21 Pakistani Desi Dramas Videos On Hum TV
Dil e Muzter” can be quite a heritage regarding Adeel which will not really were married Silla due to the fact they is afflicted with inferiority complex. Adeel existence along with his brand-new mom in the course of Silla’s home. Silla goes overseas pursuing Adeel will never were married the woman, and also Adeel are going to be held responsible. Adeel locates Silla and also pursuing decrease in existence about the brand-new mom, will get married in order to Silla and also gets into foreign nations. To begin with, he is a tremendously challenging habits towards ladies nevertheless gradually Adeel will be catagorized attracted to Silla. Whenever Adeel becomes without a job, Silla kicks off using the services of Ahmer. Zoya this particular next-door friend concurs with to adopt requirement of the child. Having said that Silla’s operate produces complications inside their connection. To uncover how are you affected take pleasure in “Dil e Muzter. Producer: Momina Duraid Director: Shahzad Kashmiri. Writer: Aliya Bukhari. Cast:Saba Hameed,Imran Abbas,Sarwat Gillani,Sanam Jung,Humayon Saeed,Ismat Zaidi,Rabia Naureen and others.


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