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Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa Episode 57 By Ary Digital

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa Episode 57 Pakistani Urdu Desi dramas online By Ary Digital
Writer:Fasih Bari Khan
Directed Mazhar Moin
Cast:Hina Dilpazer,Shehnaz Pervaiz,Badar Khalil, Maqsood Bhai, Waqar,Shabbir Jan,Mirza Shahi, Uroosa Siddiqui,Ubaida Ansari and others.

Its about two families living upstairs & downstairs inside an old house, someone to function as the landlord & other like a tenant. the tenant’s to become the main track includes qudoos sahab ki bewa (amma), her 3 kids khajusta, badarqa & shagufta and merely boy wudood. amma, trying hard to get rid of the incompetent great deal of her kids, that do not earn would rather are pricey, for instance khajusta & wodood by means of marriage for them as quickly as possible. but however daughter badarqa who’s the main bread earner of the house is inclined to marry as quickly as possible which must be stopped by amma regardless of what. however, amma does not understand that badarqa has got married which is finding ways & method to disclose this to her kin’s. aqeela, a married relationship consultant is attacked by amma to setup close ties on her behalf boy & kids but she plays around those to increase her commissions. this track includes aleemuddin & wife nanni, utilizing their siblings and siblings maqsood & his wife roohafza. as maqsood can be a dwarf so, roohafza is inclined towards other males atleast taller than her. and here comes shabbir jan, a sexy individual that raises romance in many the ladies. comical dialogues and figures lamented with classical & traditional houses, however a gross sublime in the serial is dependant on its reality of unmarried over aged women in present day world, a weight on ageing parents. cast hina dilpazer, shabbir jan, badar khalil, uroosa siddiqui, mirza shahi, shehnaz pervaiz, maqsood bhai, waqar, ubaida ansari while others.

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