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Noor Episode 39- On GEO TV

Noor Episode 39 on GEO TV Turkish Opera Soap
It is Famous urdu dubbed Turkish Opera Soap watch only on GEO TV
Through the locality of the beauteous and lovely Turkey comes forward this deep meaningful gossip of Mehmet Fikri. Mehmet Fikri’s journey from a small village to Istanbul makes his dream come true. He lays foundation of his business empire and builds a house where he and his family live proudly .It is a story of love and sorrows.  After the death of his love Nihan ,Mehmet has broken all the ties with the world around him . But, in the period of Mehmet’s pains, someone comes along to breathe life back into this dejected soul.someone named “Noor”. Will she succeed in driving Nihan out of Mehmet’s memories? Will Noor win back Mehmet’s heart?

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