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Mil Ke Bhi Hum Na Milay Episode 75

Mil Ke Bhi Hum Na Milay Episode 75 By Geo Tv Urdu Drama Serial
Writer: Huma Kokab Bokhari
Director: Faisal Bokhari
Producer Rubab Communications
Cast:Nadeem Baig,Asad Malik,Imran Bukhari,Saba Faisal,Natasha,Zara Akbar,Babar Ali,Zebu
This serial is determined to highlight issues such as Prejudice, Family pride, Male supremacy, cruelty, enmity between brothers for right and wrong. Syed Jalal-udin’s sons have completed their studies in a foreign country. Syed Jalal-udin’s sons are Syed Rajab Ali Shah and Syed Haider Ali Shah.Rajab proves himself a small-minded person who is not only cruel but also considers women like a product. but his brother Haider Ali Shah is a fully opposite of his brother who is open minded and understands how to respect women. Rajab Ali not only imposes extreme constraints on his first wife and also on his sisters. He and his father don’t want her sisters to get married as that would outcome in loss of arrogance and sharing of wealth.
Both brothers do not accept each other base on opposite personalities and have everyday clashes.
Both the sisters have to face victims of this feudal culture and the home they are living has become a jail for them. Story goes ahead, An another major personality Zarina will come in both Haider’s and Rajab’s life. The opposite thinking, feudalism and clashes must catch the interest of viewers.

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